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John Henry Haseltine is a painter, performer, has fooled around with rock & roll and filmmaking, and sometimes makes puppets, but they aren’t super functional and you have to be REALLY careful if you want to use them. 


Haseltine was born in 1987 and graduated from Emerson College in 2009 with a B.A. in film production, but challenges with collaboration and the tendency to make films that were more or less a collection of stagnant western themed images drew him to both Livingston, Montana and painting. 


Like many artists before him, Haseltine found Montana’s geography and history a limitless source of inspiration, despite rarely venturing outside of his home studio or darkened theater spaces. He’s comforted in the knowledge that the vistas are out there, and will eventually get out and poke around some. 

He hears it's amazing!


Photo by Joan Haseltine


September 2021 - Group Exhibition at the Frame Garden in Livingston, MT


August 2020 - Westward & Miserable: Solo Exhibition at the Green Door Gallery in Livingston, MT

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